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Unwanted Animals In Your Attic What Should You Do


Mike Szmudrowski


March 6, 2024

Maintaining a home is no easy task. You need to make sure that no pipes are leaking, all the lights and fixtures are working properly, the locks are secure, and that the entire house is spic and span. However, there are certain times of the year when animals and bugs may decide to seek refuge in your home. Whether to find warmth during cold months or to find shelter from harsh rains, there is always an animal problem that needs to be dealt with.


Why Animals Decide to Go into Attics


There are many reasons why animals may find themselves in your attic. Some might be seeking shelter from harsh weather conditions, while others may be looking for a safe and quiet place to lay their eggs or give birth to their offspring. Others may also have just gotten in by accident and may not know how to get out. Regardless of the circumstances that placed them there, it is essential that you remove them from your home.


What You Can Do


1 - Use Traps

 Keep in mind that the goal is to get the animals out of your home, not to harm them. You can bait the animals to get them to go into a one-sided door trap. After you are able to contain the animal, go ahead and set them free outside your home.


2 -Guide Them Outside

 You may also guide them outside by luring them down from the attic and out the nearest exit. You may attempt this if you are certain that the animals do not pose a threat to you and the other people in your home.


3 -Open a Window in the Attic

 If you do not want to let them into the main part of your home, you may open a window in your attic if there is one. This will work well if the animals that crept into your attic are birds of flight that can easily escape through an open window.


4 -Contact a Wildlife Removal Company

 Your last bet is to call a wildlife removal company. They can get the animals out without hurting them and with minimal effort from you. All you need to do is give them a call.




If you hear scratching inside your walls and ceiling, or if you find urine or animal feces, these are obvious signs that you may have some unwelcome animal guests living in your attic. Although these animals may be cute, they may bring destruction or diseases into your home, and it is a good idea to drive them out.


That said, you have to take caution when you deal with these animals, especially those that can hurt you when you try to approach them or if you get too close. It is crucial to find a way to drive these animals out of your home in a safe way, making sure that neither you nor the animals are harmed.


However, if you don’t know how to get them to skedaddle, it may do you good to call a wildlife removal company to help you get the animals out of your attic. Keep in mind that aside from the potential danger of trying to move the animals on your own, there may be laws in place prohibiting the movement or touching of certain wildlife.


If you find an animal in the attic, Viral TNT can help you safely remove the animal from your home. Don’t panic; call us, and we will handle the situation for you.


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