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Professional Animal Control in Oakville

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Many homeowners have come into contact with the wide range of wildlife that call Oakville their home. These encounters are often harmless but can lead to some major issues if animals get into places they shouldn’t be. When that does happen, you can rely on the team at City Wildlife Control for expert animal control in Oakville.

At City Wildlife Control, we provide a wide range of solutions to handle any wildlife incident. Our team has the knowledge and skills to provide the right solution for any given situation and deliver lasting results. We carry out humane animal removal and implement long-term measures to keep troublesome animals away for good.

Trying to remove wildlife on your own can pose some serious health and safety risks. Leaving it to the professionals at City Wildlife Control ensures that everyone stays safe, including your family and the animals we remove. Whenever you’re dealing with a wildlife issue, just reach out to City Wildlife Control for professional animal control in Oakville.

Fast & Reliable Wildlife Removal Services

We’ve provided professional animal removal in Oakville for over ten years and have built up plenty of knowledge and experience. Today, City Wildlife Control provides optimal solutions for dealing with animals in any situation.


Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can liven up your neighbourhood, but you don’t want them getting inside your attic or walls. In order to prevent the spread of disease and long-term damage to your property, you can count on City Wildlife Control to humanely remove squirrels and seal entry points.

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Skunk are prone to ruining yards and building their nests in unexpected places. They can pose a real problem, potentially spraying people and leaving them stuck with the familiar smell for weeks. Our team removes skunks safely and humanely to prevent these encounters.



Raccoons are among the most troublesome animals for homeowners in Oakville, making quick work of supposedly pest-proof containers. If raccoons are getting too familiar with your home, City Wildlife Control can safely capture and relocate them, providing a solution that works for everyone.



Bats are highly valued wildlife that play an important role in nature. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t pose serious issues when they make their home in your attic. At City Wildlife Control, our expert animal control technicians have the proper tools and methods, such as one-way bat doors, to remove these animals in a way that doesn’t harm them, along with providing clean-up afterwards.

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Mice, rats, and other rodents are common throughout the region and can lead to serious damage to your home and potential health risks. City Wildlife Control handles humane removal and long-term prevention for these small animals.

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Birds can often take up nests where they shouldn’t, potentially leading to structural issues and contamination for your home. Our removal and bird-proofing services protect your home and the birds themselves.

Our Humane Animal Control Process

When you need wildlife control in Oakville, leave it to true professionals. City Wildlife Control uses industry best practices and our own proven methods to provide the best outcome. Our team will safely remove any unwanted animals and take preventative measures to ensure that your home stays wildlife-free in the future.

When we arrive at your site, we’ll carefully inspect the area and assess the situation. Many different factors impact the proper course of action for wildlife removal in Oakville. With a solid understanding of the circumstances, we can guarantee the best outcome for your property and the animals.

The next step is to remove the animals safely and without harming them. There are many different approaches to do so, and the method our technicians use will depend on the type of animal and the situation at hand. Traps, one-way doors, and other equipment make it possible to deal with pests humanely.

We then seal entry points that have been letting pests into your structure. This could mean repairs to certain elements or simple patches. Entry points for some animals can be incredibly small, meaning even the most minor gap poses a serious risk.

Through this approach, we implement a solution that allows people and animals to continue to peacefully coexist while avoiding the very real health and safety risks that occur when they get too close.

Wildlife Removal for Residential & Commercial Properties

The team at City Wildlife Control provides animal control in Oakville for both residential and commercial properties. The diverse wildlife found in this area can take shelter in almost any kind of structure, making our professional services essential for anyone in need.

We work carefully to minimize any potential damage during animal removal and mitigate issues already caused by the animals. When pests have affected insulation and other materials, we can provide the clean-up and sanitization necessary to ensure health and safety for your family, guests, employees, or anyone else who visits your property.

Our team can implement discrete solutions that will help maintain your business's reputation. Dealing with pests is a common occurrence, but it isn’t exactly something you’d like to advertise. Maintain your reputation by removing animals safely and humanely before they can leave a lasting mark on your business.

Why Choose Us for Animal Control Services in Oakville

City Wildlife Control is the team that you can count on for professional animal control in Oakville. With over ten years of experience delivering lasting results, we tackle every job with the knowledge, skill, and attention to detail needed to provide the best outcomes for your property and the animals we remove.

We not only remove animals from your property but also take measures to prevent future animal-related issues. Our cleaning and sanitization services ensure that waste and nesting materials don't pose any health risks in your home in the long run.

Regarding animal control in Oakville, our policy is always to use compassionate methods that don't harm or cause unnecessary stress to animals. Although animal-related problems can cause significant issues, finding a solution that keeps everyone safe is possible with the right approach.

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Keep your home or business safe with professional animal control in Oakville from City Wildlife Control.

We can be with you quickly to provide an effective and affordable solution. You can call us today at (905) 844-4774 or contact us online to get started.

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Our goal when I created CWC over 10 yrs ago was the same as it is today: to provide the best possible animal and pest control company in the marketplace through these company mission goals.

1. Best possible customer service in the market
2. Best possible prices in the market
3. Best possible humane removal of wildlife in the market.

To this day we strive to meet each of these goals with every customer we have the pleasure of working for. I give you my word.

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