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Racoon Removal & Control Service in Ontario

Though they look cute and cuddly, raccoons are related to bears and have a similar temperament-especially when cornered or around their young.

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Our method for racoon removal 
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Raccoons in Southern Ontario have adapted to urban life and are commonly seen or encountered in parks, neighborhoods or yards. Raccoons may carry diseases that can be spread to people  and pets, including raccoon roundworm (Baylisascaris), leptospirosis, and rabies. They can also cause serious scratch and bite injuries to people and pets.

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What you need to know About dealing with a Raccoon

Raccoons weigh between 10-20 lbs. (sometimes up to 50), are crafty and can get out of most traps sold in stores.  There are no effective raccoon repellents.  While cute, a raccoon’s bear-like temperament makes it unsuitable for close contact or being a pet.  Infested attics need to be cleaned and decontaminated to avoid infection by disease or bacteria.

What you should know

Raccoons in southern ontario

Here are the main problem you may encounter when dealing with a raccoon.

Racoon Nesting

Living underneath concrete slabs, such as sheds, decks, front steps, crawlspaces, attics and more.

damage to property

Cause damage to attics and roofs, Chew through wires; Damage wooden joists; and overall property damage.

They steel a snack and unease

Steal pet food and bird seed, Tip over garbage cans, Alarm dogs, cats and other pets with their presence during the night due to their nocturnal habits

Carrying some unexpected friends

Carry fleas, ticks and other parasites, leading to even more diseases, spread diseases, including rabies, to humans and pets

Dog digging for food
Digging for food

Cause further problems under decks, front porches, decks, and other concrete slabs

 Group of animals
Can become more than just one

Lacking natural predators, which can create overpopulation

The dangers of, Dealing with racoon feces

Because there are dangerous conditions such as leptospirosis that can be transmitted through racoon feces, you should always take the appropriate precautions before entering a confined area where racoons have been, or disturbing a racoons nest. Because the animals do create a significant amount of droppings, and some diseases can become airborne, it is important to wear a pair of goggles and breathing apparatus, to filter out any harmful spores. It is also important to dispose of the feces appropriately, as even if it is buried dogs and other animals can dig it up. Ensure that the feces is placed in a sealed container or garbage bag, and that it is either put out with the garbage or incinerated.

Skunk feces



Discourage raccoons around your residence

Pet foods

Never feed raccoons


Feed pets inside and store pet food inside

Lock Doors

Prevent raccoons from entering your house through pet doors or other openings

Garbage cans

Keep garbage cans inside and use locking or secured lids outside

Clean barbecue grills

Clean barbecue grills after each use

Secure bins for food composting

Use secure bins for food composting

Skunk feces

Avoid contact with raccoon feces and safely clean up areas where raccoons defecate (raccoon latrines) on your property.

Raccoon urine

Avoid direct contact with water, soil and vegetation contaminated with raccoon urine.

some final notes before you decide

Here are some final thoughts we have to share with you directly from our owner operator of 20 years Dan Adamson. After this I'm sure you will be convinced that we are the right team for you and DIY may no be the best option in this case.

Why should you, Deal with a Professional

They are crafty, getting out of many commonly sold traps

One of the most interesting facts about raccoons is that they rank above cats and just below monkeys on the mammal IQ scale. Monkeys are generally considered to score just below humans and great apes on IQ scales, which means that raccoon intelligence is not as far behind us as we might like to think. That's why common traps something don't do the trick and can just harm the animal.

Raccoon head and tail logo
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Scaring the animal into attacking you

These animals most of the time are trying to find a home or have made a home from you property when you weren't aware of them. As with any home they will protect it and attack if they feel threatened. We have dealt with them for years so we understand their behavior and psychology. With that we are able to remove the animal without any incident and with the safety of the animal in mind.

leaving them alone, There is no repellents

Ideally you would want to do nothing, just leave them alone and everything would go back to normal. Sadly that is not the case, skunks once they find a place they want to call home they will nest there are depending on the time of the year expand their family. It's better to find them a new home before that happens.

Raccoon logo

cleaning up to avoid any bacteria or desease

The last part is something that not many people enjoy and its cleaning up after an unwanted guest. Some of these animals may leave feces, food, bedding and many other things behind. These can lead to possible diseases and bacteria being formed which can cause issue for you and those around you. We get in there, get it cleaned and leave your space good as new in you choose for us to do it. We don't force any services!!!

Removing baby racoonBaby racoons found in attic

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Our goal when I created CWC over 10 yrs ago was the same as it is today: to provide the best possible animal and pest control company in the marketplace through these company mission goals.

1. Best possible customer service in the market
2. Best possible prices in the market
3. Best possible humane removal of wildlife in the market.

To this day we strive to meet each of these goals with every customer we have the pleasure of working for. I give you my word.

Dan Adamson - Owner
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