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Professional Animal Control in Hamilton

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Hamilton homeowners are no strangers to pest activity. The region is filled with all kinds of furry and feathered creatures who may liven up the city but aren’t welcome indoors. If any kind of animal is causing a problem around your home or business, don’t hesitate to reach out to City Wildlife Control for humane and affordable animal control in Hamilton.

Our skilled team can quickly resolve any pest issues your property is experiencing while still taking the time to do the job right. Our experienced technicians carry out the necessary inspection, humane removal, and preventive measures to eliminate any pest issues for good.

Pests can pose a serious risk to your property and your family. They can destroy structures and damage electrical components. They also spread disease and can even become violent in the right situation. Get proactive and protect both yourself and these animals with humane wildlife removal in Hamilton.

Our Wildlife & Animal  Control Hamilton Services

The team at City Wildlife Control has been providing animal removal services for more than ten years. We handle all kinds of pests with a unique approach, ensuring effective and lasting results.


Squirrel Removal

If squirrels are posing an issue in your attic, walls, or exterior structures, our team can handle them. You can avoid the wide range of potential diseases that these animals and their waste can spread with professional animal removal in Hamilton. Squirrels spread quickly and can damage siding, soffits, and more.

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Getting sprayed by a skunk can leave you with a foul odour for weeks, not to mention the risk of temporary eye damage. These animals are generally peaceful, but you risk an unpleasant encounter if they make their nest too close to your home. Our team has the equipment and skills to keep everyone safe during skunk removal.



Raccoons pose a serious safety risk and can spread disease throughout the area they live in. While common throughout the area, they can become a serious problem if they get a bit too familiar with your home. We safely and humanely remove these animals to keep both you and them out of harm’s way.



Bats are useful and fascinating creatures, but you don’t want them taking up roost in your attic. They spread disease and ruin insulation. Our team takes an efficient approach to most bat removal cases with simple one-way bat doors that prioritize both your property and the bats’ health and safety.

Digging for food


We provide animal removal in Hamilton for all types of rodents, including the many different types of mice and rats that call our city home. Our focus on humane removal techniques and effective rodent-proofing keeps everyone safe.

 Group of animals


While most birds are a welcome addition to the neighbourhood, they become a problem if they build nests in or around your roof. We provide a variety of bird deterrents and humane removal services for any situation.

Common Wildlife  Problems in Hamilton

There are many different pests that require effective wildlife control in Hamilton. Raccoons are among the most common, and they are known to roam around and attempt entry into garbage bins and other containers. Skunks are another large pest found in the area, and they often dig up and ruin lawns, along with the risk of spraying bystanders.

Smaller pests can build nests in exterior structures, underneath siding, and in attics. Both red and grey squirrels call Hamilton their home, although chances are it's a red squirrel if you find them in your attic.

House mice can work their way into the tiniest gaps to infiltrate anywhere. Hamilton also has two main types of rats, Norway rats and black rats. Norway rats tend to burrow, while black rats love high places and often work their way into attics.

Little and big brown bats are the most common of the many types of bats in Hamilton. Either could take up roost in your attic. The same is true for a wide range of local bird species, including pigeons, starlings, and house sparrows.

Our Fast-Acting Wildlife Removal Process

The expert technicians at City Wildlife Control implement a proven process to tackle wildlife control in Hamilton. We follow these steps carefully and thoroughly to ensure the best results for your case.

First, we carry out an initial assessment to determine the type and extent of the problem. Different pests call for different methods, and understanding the situation in detail is vital to ensure that both your property and the animals are protected.

From there, we move on to humane extraction. This can involve a variety of different methods depending on the specific pest. Humane traps, one-way entryway seals, and other options let us remove animals without harming them.

We then seal off entry points so that your structure stays animal-free. This step requires close attention to detail, as many pests can squeeze in through even the smallest gaps in soffits, siding, around vents, and more.

Finally, we provide guidance on long-term prevention to stop pests of any kind from affecting your home or business. We can help you deter all kinds of creatures here in  Hamilton from trying to make your home their own.

Why Opt for Our Animal  Control Services in Hamilton?

When handling wildlife on your property, you need to know that the job is done right. City Wildlife Control has been providing professional animal control Hamilton residents trust for more than ten years. Our experienced team has the skills to ensure that both immediate and long-term safety are fulfilled for your family, your property, and the animals.

Our team has the right methods and equipment to handle any type of wildlife infestation safely. We ensure that neither humans nor animals are harmed and provide the necessary cleanup and sanitization services to stop the spread of disease.

We are deeply committed to the welfare of the animals we handle. Our wide range of human capture and release methods ensure that we safely remove any type of animal from your property without harm and with minimal stress.

Contact Us for Wildlife Free Property

City Wildlife Control is your source for affordable, humane animal control in Hamilton. No matter what type of pest you’re dealing with, we can carry out effective and lasting removal. 

Reach out at (289) 904-5480 or contact us online to get started today.

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Our goal when I created CWC over 10 yrs ago was the same as it is today: to provide the best possible animal and pest control company in the marketplace through these company mission goals.

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3. Best possible humane removal of wildlife in the market.

To this day we strive to meet each of these goals with every customer we have the pleasure of working for. I give you my word.

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