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Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are very cute characters, but they are not household pets and can be quite disruptive to your home particularly if they have already created a dwelling there.

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Our method for squirrel removal 
and how we delivery ever time

Squirrels can chew holes into homes and scamper within the walls and attic spaces, where they build nests, cause structural damage and pose numerous health risks.

inspect and Secure your property
Safely remove the animal
prevent any further issues
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Squirrel Removal

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What you need to know About dealing with a squirrel

Squirrels can bring with them a whole host of disease, although it’s primarily their waste matter that you should be concerned with. Squirrels CAN contract and carry rabies, but it is unlikely. They fall into the same bracket of other small mammals that also CAN but RARELY carry the disease – guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice and chipmunks. Squirrels can also carry ticks, however, and these have been shown to be quite dangerous to humans. They can carry a disease called Lyme disease, caused by the Borrelia bacteria. Affecting the heart, nervous system and joints, the disease can lead to what is considered an inflammatory disorder.  As the diseases may be transferred through bites, scratches, feces and urine, only trained individuals may handle or approach the squirrels. Professional technicians can remove the problematic animals and will sanitize the homes to make sure that the homes are safe, the same as the nearby individuals.

What you should know

Squirrels in southern ontario

Here are the main problem you may encounter when dealing with a Squirrel

sQUIRREL Nesting

Living in such areas as sheds, decks, attics, crawlspaces and others.

damage to property

Cause damage to attics and roofs, Chew through wires; Damage wooden joists;

They steel a snack and unease

Steal bird seed, Alarm dogs, cats and other pets with their presence which can create chaos in your day.

Carrying some unexpected friends

Carry fleas, ticks and other parasites, leading to even more diseases, spread diseases, including rabies, to humans and pets

Digging for food

Cause further problems under decks, front porches, decks, your lawn, and others.

Can become more than just one

Naturally these animal breed and have offspring come the spring time, lets make sure it doesn't get there.

The damage squirrels, can cause in attics

Squirrels will commonly cause damage to attic insulation, or will chew wires in the attic. More significant, however, is the amount of damage they can do to the outside of the attic, on the exterior of the home. As more litters of squirrels are born in or near the home, these squirrels will grow up, leave the nest and search for new areas within the attic to build their own nests. If squirrel populations are not controlled, they will continue to chew holes around the outside of the attic, sometimes in every corner of the house! The longer the squirrels live in an attic, the more entry points they are going to create.


Squirrels are classified as a nuisance animal species due to their habits of living in homes and buildings. The most common complaints include the following:

Squirrels living in the attic.

Squirrels stealing birdseed from bird feeders.

Squirrels living in the chimney.

Squirrels chewing on soffits and woodwork.

Squirrels chewing holes in siding.

Squirrels chewing through ridge vents and roof vents.

Squirrels chewing through louver vents.

Squirrels inside home.

Squirrels in basement.

Whats makes a difference to us

The humane touch to remove squirrels

By simply applying humane removal techniques, the animals are safely removed from your home utilizing such methods as snare-poles, one-way-doors, and repellents. Squirrels are very cute characters, but they are not household pets and can be quite disruptive to your home particularly if they have already discovered a way into your house. In Durham & York Region, squirrels have become a problem as their numbers are into the tens of thousands.

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Our goal when I created CWC over 10 yrs ago was the same as it is today: to provide the best possible animal and pest control company in the marketplace through these company mission goals.

1. Best possible customer service in the market
2. Best possible prices in the market
3. Best possible humane removal of wildlife in the market.

To this day we strive to meet each of these goals with every customer we have the pleasure of working for. I give you my word.

Dan Adamson - Owner
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