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Professional Animal Control in Mississauga

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Squirrel Removal Cage

Local wildlife adds a lot of character to the city of Mississauga. However, you can put yourself at serious risk if you let a wild animal get too close. Animals can spread disease and damage your property, and they aren’t easy to get rid of safely. That’s why City Wildlife Control provides humane animal control in Mississauga for any property.

Our complete range of solutions lets our team tackle any situation. No matter what type of animal you’re dealing with or how it’s affecting your home or your family, we can help. We implement effective removal and long-term prevention so you can have peace of mind about your home and loved ones, as well as the animal’s well-being.

Let the professionals at City Wildlife Control handle all of your needs for wildlife removal in Mississauga. We work to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved, including the animals. There’s no need to compromise when you leave it to the professionals.

Fast & Reliable Wildlife Removal Services

When you need troublesome animals gone, leave it to the experienced team at City Wildlife Control. We’ve been providing expert wildlife control in Mississauga for ten years and have handled situations of all kinds. We can implement the best possible situation for your unique needs.


Squirrel Removal

If you notice squirrels activity on and around your roof, they may get into your attic and can even work their way into walls. Our team provides humane removal and will identify and seal the gaps that these critters are using to enter your home.

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Skunks can often make their home underneath steps, porches, sheds, and other structures. A chance encounter can leave you smelling bad for weeks, or even lead to potential eye damage. Let our team humanely relocate these animals to keep everyone safe. skunk removal.



Raccoons can lead to major messes around your home and pose a risk of spreading disease and even injury if you stumble upon one at an inopportune moment. Keep them away from your home with City Wildlife Control’s professional animal control services in Mississauga.



Bats can seriously damage your attic and pose health risks if they get inside. However, they’re also delicate animals that require careful handling. Our team has the experience and skill to safely remove bats, incorporating methods such as one-way bat doors. We’ll ensure that your property is safe without causing them harm.

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Even the tiniest gaps can let rats and mice into your home, where they can spread rapidly. Our team humanely removes these small animals and then identifies and seals the gaps that let them in. This way, you’re protected against long-term issues.

 Group of animals


Many local birds can make their nests in and around attics or even underneath siding. This damages structures, so they need to be removed. Our team has the proper techniques to do so humanely and safely, along with providing long-term bird-proofing.

Emergency Wildlife Control in Mississauga

Many situations allow for scheduling a later appointment to deal with a known pest. However, you could also find yourself face-to-face with an animal that has gotten into your living area or other places it really shouldn’t be. When that happens, you can rely on 24/7 animal control in Mississauga from City Wildlife Control.

Tackling these situations on your own puts both yourself and the animal at risk. Instead, let our professionals handle it. Thanks to our rapid response times, we’ll be with you quickly and will come prepared with the necessary equipment to remove the animal safely and without harm.

While we’re on our way, be sure to avoid direct contact with the animal. Closing doors to isolate the animal is often the best approach if it isn’t close to an exterior door. You don’t want it to escape somewhere deeper into your home, where it might be more challenging to track down. Once we arrive, you can leave all the rest to us.

Our Humane Wildlife Control Process

The professionals at City Wildlife Control are equipped with the methods and equipment to provide expert animal removal in Mississauga. Our proven process lets us provide the best results in any situation, protecting your property and the animals at the same time.

Once we arrive, we’ll evaluate the situation to determine the right next steps. The specific type of animal we’re dealing with, the type of structure it's inside, and the extent of any current damage all play important roles in finding the best solution.

We use a variety of methods to safely and humanely remove animals. This often means setting out humane traps that capture the animals, allowing us to relocate them. In other situations, options such as one-way doors over known entry points let the animals leave on their own but make reentry impossible.

Once the animals have been removed, we close any entry points to prevent the same problem from happening again. Many animals can fit through unbelievably small gaps, so it takes expertise to identify all potential entry points. 

We can also provide additional prevention methods and advice to ensure that your property is protected in the long run.

Choose Our Animal Control Services in Mississauga

You can find the best solution for your family, your property, and the animals themselves by leaving animal control in Mississauga to the trained professionals at City Wildlife Control. Our team is licensed to provide effective animal removal services, and we have the necessary skills and experience to deliver dependable results every time.

We’ve been handling animal removal for more than a decade, and over that time, our team has developed an extensive skill set. We implement a variety of innovative removal methods to ensure safe and humane removal, along with achieving long-term protection against animal entry. 

City Wildlife Control leverages modern technology to aid in detection, removal, and prevention, giving you peace of mind that your property is protected.

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When local wildlife starts to cause problems, you can rely on the experienced team at City Wildlife Control for professional animal control in Mississauga. 

We’re here with a full range of effective, humane, and affordable solutions for any situation. Call today at (905) 949-9453 or contact us online.

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To this day we strive to meet each of these goals with every customer we have the pleasure of working for. I give you my word.

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